From the original founder and director of MEDIC ONE

Med Response has been formed from demand to offer a company with the same quality service and education that was delivered as Medic One.

Our Education & Training service is a value-driven service that educates and trains competent, compassionate, first aid and pre-hospital emergency first responders. Our graduates return to the workforce with the knowledge, skills, and the ability to deliver high-quality patient care.

Some of our programs are already receiving national awards for both community safety and innovation. We have also been engaged to ‘tour Australia’ to upskill First Aid Trainers in the latest knowledge and skills for advanced bleeding control.

National and International

Standards in Education

Our strategic alliances enable us to deliver Australian Nationally Recognised Training. In addition to being able to offer nationally recognised competency based training and education, MED Response is also an internationally approved training centre for MEDIC First Aid.

National instructor qualifications for education include Diploma of Training and Education and Internationally certified NAEMT Instructor and level 1 NAEMSE instructor. Additional certifications include AHA instructor and EMPACT Instructor.

Our Awards

Quality in Education