COVID-19 Airport Health Screening

COVID-19 Test

MED RESPONSE Airport Screenings are safeguarding the resource sector from COVID-19.

In response to requests from large and small business, existing clients and new, we have provided a solution to ensure the best possible professional healthcare service is delivered to protect both the workforce and workplace from the current Coronavirus [COVID-19] pandemic.

Safety is always our number one priority, and evidence-based infection control is front and centre of our Coronavirus response.

Our COVID-19 Airport Workforce Screening services include;

  • ON-TIME with zero flight delays

  • NO TOUCH screening

  • DECLARATION acquired for corporate protection

  • Our team are ALL Registered Healthcare Professionals

  • We use evidence-based infection control procedures – protecting you – protecting us

  • We communicate direct with your onsite medical team when needed

Our COVID-19 Airport Workforce Screening services is available 24/7

COVID-19 Airport screening

NEW THERMAL Fever Screening System in place

True thermal detection gives us an advantage of thermal imaging. We can discover issues quickly and with more confidence so that we do NOT miss anything.

Critical to the protection of our valued clients and essential for safeguarding the rescource sector.

What our clients are saying

Thank you for getting on the front foot with the temperature screening, you are the first client who has implemented this, so thank you.

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