COVID-19 OnSite Post Infection Antibody Screening

COVID-19 Test

RESULTS in 10 Minutes – As used by Rio Tinto for workforce screening

Australian Therapeautic Goods Administrator [TGA] Approved

MED Response has been approved as a qualified medical and healthcare provider for the purchase and use of SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antibody tests. We have a solid and robust system which includes specialised Medical Direction, clinical governance and approved Policies and Procedures to ensure compliance with onsite point of care testing and relevant local Government Direction(s).

Researchers say that 25 to 50 percent of people with COVID-19 are unaware that they have the virus (without symptoms – asymptomatic).

The threat that this imposes on both the community and workplace, is the inability to detect and isolate individuals. They are asymptomatic (without any symptoms) and have the ability to be spreading the virus to others.

The important thing is, when a person gets the virus, they may incubate it for about 0 to 5-7 days. The current Polymerase Chain Reaction [PCR] test involves a swab of the nose or back of the throat. There is also a window of time where the PCR will detect the virus which goes up to about 10 days then it starts to drop off. After that period, the virus moves down the airways into the lungs and body and is no longer detectable in the back of the nose or throat. That is a 0 to 10-day window for virus detection.

Rapid Post Infection Antibody Screening

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In the blood, there are antibodies which are produced when the body has an immune reaction to a virus. Our immune cells attack the virus and help clear it from our body. There are two antibodies, the first is the acute antibody (IgM). This appears at the same time as symptoms (if present) and can be detectable for over 14 days post-infection. At the time that our first antibody starts to drop off, our second antibody which is our memory antibody, IgG starts to be detectable.

Data is showing us that on average, half of the people with the virus do NOT have any symptoms (asymptomatic). We know that COVID-19 is very infectious and highly transmittable to others. People who show no symptoms at all can spread the virus, however, we can detect the virus reaction through testing the antibodies in the blood.

We can isolate these individuals and arrange further medical attention and testing, but most importantly, we can stop them from entering the workforce and spreading the virus to others.


We use only TGA approved kits and are the same ones used by Rio Tinto. Earlier this year (March) Rio Tinto introduced new measures to keep their employees, contractors and partners safe. This included COVID-19 screening tests for all people flying to site.

The intent is for anyone working at the iron ore operations to undergo screening including all FIFO employees and contractors returning to work. Essential staff at our Operations Centre will also be subject to rapid screening.

Chris Salisbury, Chief Executive of the iron ore business, “Our number one priority through this period is to protect the health of our employees and communities where we operate. We believe the introduction of rapid screening adds another layer of control to help prevent the transmission of the virus in WA.

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Dr. Ryan Cole explains it perfectly

Why we need to be protecting your business and employees with onsite rapid post infection antibody screening

Quick Benefits

  • We come to you

  • Conducted by registered health care professionals

  • 10 minutes to see results; strong positive results can be seen in as little as 3-5 minutes

  • Detects virus antibodies from a small finger prick test

  • Rapid screening of individuals post-infection who may NOT have symptoms but can spread the virus.

  • 95% sensitivity for late stage infection, 83% sensitivity for early onset disease; 94% agreement with PCR

  • Greater than 99% specificity with less than 1% false positive rate – positive results strongly indicate that an infection is present or has been present.

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