COVID-19 OnSite Workforce Services

COVID-19 Test

Need help managing your COVID19 response?

We pride ourselves on delivering the most up-to-date information and services relating to the current Coronavirus [COVID-19] pandemic. We can deliver the latest information and provide advice to keep your workforce safe and well.

Our large workforce of registered nurses and paramedics are available statewide to manage any isolated and/or quarantined individuals.

Our COVID-19 OnSite Workforce services include;

  • OnSite Registered Healthcare Professionals (Paramedics / Nurses)

  • Registered Paramedics and Nurses providing isolation and quarantine services

  • Corporate office COVID-19 health screening and welfare services

  • Onsite COVID-19 Rapid Testing (10 minute results)

  • We use evidence-based infection control procedures – protecting you – protecting us

  • We work with your Medical Director and site protocols to deliver educational programs

COVID-19 OnSite services available 24/7

COVID-19 Workplace Services

What our clients are saying

Thank you for getting on the front foot with the temperature screening, you are the first client who has implemented this, so thank you.

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