Test your MED knowledge

A victim who is unconscious, unresponsive and not breathing requires:
Common causes of upper airway obstruction within an unconscious victim’s airway are:
The ratio of compression to breaths for victims of any age is:
You should continue CPR :
An AED should only be used for:
What action could you take to allow the victim to feel respected, safe, secure and supported?
Why would you keep the circumstance of the incident, including the details of the victim, confidential?
What is NOT an infection control procedure or “Standard precaution”?
What is the recommendation on refreshing your CPR and First Aid skills and knowledge?
Which methods could a first aider use to manage the stress from having to deal with a first aid incident?
In a First Aid context, from whom do you have “consent” to provide First Aid?
What is the “Chain of Survival”?
What are the signs of a person not breathing normally?
What essential organs located in the chest are being manually operated when undertaking CPR?
As a first aider, what is your duty of care?
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