Advanced Bleeding Control Instructor

Delivering Stop the Bleed training since 2015
The MED RESPONSE Advanced Bleeding Control instructor program is intended for individuals who are required to become trained and experienced on the use of arterial tourniquets and haemostatic dressings for everyday First Aid use. The Instructor program can be used as evidence of professional development on the essential skills and knowledge for advanced bleeding control. These skills can then be applied and delivered as part of an existing first aid course or as a standalone workshop.

Compliance with National Guidelines

This workshop is designed to ensure compliance for all First Aid Trainers against the newly released First Aid Units of Competency and the First Aid Implementation Guide 3.1.

ANZCOR Guidelines and the First Aid Implementation Guide:

ANZCOR Guideline 9.1.1 First Aid for Management of Bleeding was updated in January 2016 and revised again in July 2017. The national guideline updates included 3 STEPS to be used for bleeding control;

  • Direct pressure
  • Haemostatic dressings
  • Arterial tourniquets

The ANZCOR guideline is now strengthened by the importance of “Effective use of commercial tourniquets is optimal when first aid providers are trained in proper application techniques.”

Must be suitably trained and experienced

The SkillsIQ First Aid Companion Volume Implementation Guide states that:
Suitably trained instructors and training resources are needed to ensure that the training and assessment of these skills are conducted effectively (tourniquets, tourniquets trainers, haemostatic dressings, wound trainers etc). In addition, instructors of these skills must ensure that they are suitably trained and experienced before delivering such content”.

Appicable UNITS of Competency include:

  • HLTAID013 Provide first aid in a remote or isolated site
  • HLTAID014 Provide advanced first aid
  • HLTAID015 Provide advanced resuscitation and oxygen therapy

Learning Objectives

This program will provide the instructor with the essential knowledge and skills to deliver and assess advanced bleeding control to the everyday First Aid provider.

The subjects covered include but not limited to;

  • National guidelines / Competencies / Research
  • Current ANZCOR Flowchart for bleeding control
  • Action steps to take and how to incorporate it into the DRSABCD
  • Busting myths – improvised tourniquets + keep adding more dressings
  • Shock and hypothermia dangers associated with blood loss
  • Achieving good direct pressure with bandages from the first aid kit
  • The different types of arterial tourniquets for the everyday first aider
  • When and how to use the different types of arterial tourniquets
  • Why combat approved tourniquets may NOT be the right choice
  • Different types of TGA approved haemostatic dressings and their actions
  • The best type of haemostatic dressing for the everyday first aider
  • When and how to use haemostatic dressings
  • Wound packing: when to and how to

Instructor Resources

Upon successful completion of the Advanced Bleeding Control Instructor workshop, attendees will be provided with the following;

  • Advanced Bleeding Control Instructor lesson plan
  • Statement of Attendance

Assistance will be provided to create your own powerpoint presentation which can be used as a standalone workshop or within your current first aid training.

Attendees will be eligible for the MED RESPONSE / TRAUMASIM Group Advanced Bleeding Control Simulation trainers pack at a discounted fee.

This includes but not limited to;

  • Tourniquet trainer [leg]
  • Wound packing module
  • Simulated clotting

STOP the BLEED Australia

Delivering Stop the Bleed training since 2015
MED RESPONSE is the leading provider of Stop the Bleed training in Australia.
We have been empowering every-day First Aid providers to act quickly and save lives in the event of an accident that requires immediate life-saving treatment. Additional information available at: STOP the BLEED Australia

Our Instructors

A Registered Paramedic and the original founder and director of MEDIC ONE, our 25+ years of instructor experience has been acknowledged through numerous awards including the Australian Business Awards and the Australian Road Safety Awards. We hold national and international trainer qualification including EMS Educator, PHTLS and TECC Instructor certification. We are an elected member of the Australasian College of Paramedicine, Rural, Remote & Community Paramedicine SIG and the National Association of Emergency Medical Service Educators International Education workgroup.

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