TRANSPORT (First there – First Care)

First Aid skills gap & Mental Health

Designed and Delivered by Janine Nicholas, MED Response our program is being described as a world-first to deliver a specialised course that will form a study on bridging the gap between First Aid and the First on Scene at a major accident, often in remote areas.

Working with both the Northern Territory Road Transport Association and Western Roads Federation and funded by the federal government to pilot a program in five locations that will teach truckies how to identify critical injuries, how to keep a victim alive for extended periods and how to communicate with emergency services.

Western Roads Federation chief executive Cam Dumesny said the study would shed light on a “hidden issue” and he expected the training to save lives.

“In WA, mine rescue teams often act as first responders in emergencies and we can’t call ambulances in remote areas so it’s them and our truck drivers that can improve responses to accidents,” he said.

“If you don’t stop a severe haemorrhage in a few minutes it’s over so this will help save lives.”

Royal Flying Doctor Service spokeswoman Lana Mitchell applauded the program and agreed it would improve outcomes after accidents.